• Creative spaces

  • aren’t just

  • physical.

  • You also need

  • the mind-space

  • to reflect

  • and speculate.

Find out About Us


The Design Doctors provides reflective creative spaces to help design and innovation organisations to strengthen practices and manage change.

The Context

Design and innovation teams understand where their practices are going wrong, but lack the time to come together and resolve problems with their colleagues.

The belief

Fun brings people together but a shared purpose and values are the keys to keeping them together.

The service

The Design Doctors provides teams with health checks and ongoing support to build and embed a shared vision of future purpose, values and practices.

Our book

Design Transitions captures 42 stories of how design is changing around the world, plus a foreword from Tim Brown, IDEO CEO .

Who We Are

The Design Doctors is a global network of eggs-traordinary doers and thinkers, with a great sense of humour. We collaborate to share insights and egg-speriment with new ways of supporting creative minds.

Dr. Emma Jefferies


Design Thinkers Group

Innovation Collaborator (Global)

Groh! Innovation

Innovation Collaborator (NL)

Green Biz Startup

Circular Economy Collaborator (NL)

Nudge Consulting

Change Management Collaborator (CA)


Innovation Collaborator (BS)

Jamie Steane

Academic Collaborator (UK)

Dr. Joyce Yee

Academic Collaborator (UK)

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Often the human journey through design and innovation processes is overlooked or can be hard to uncover due to its practical nature. Our services enable teams to collaborate, share their emotional journey, and uncover the core values underpinning their practices. On that journey, we help teams to reveal barriers and find the right questions upon which to strengthen practices. We provide support when you are implementing change.


Listen to your big questions

We always start with your design and innovations teams' big questions - questions teams wished to jointly explore, to make their practices more effective for themselves, clients and company. For egg-sample: ‘How do we improve our processes to stay relevant in the industry?’ or ‘How do we work better alongside our clients?’ If you need a bit of help finding your big questions, you can run our 30 minute lunchtime workout with your team.

Health Checks

Our health checks provide a reflective creative space to respond to your big questions. The ‘4-hour Health Check LITE’ programme is used to celebrate your team success and strengthen your current processes. If your organisation is moving in a new direction or has grown suddenly we can offer ‘health check deep dive', to align everyone on what the future looks and feels like.

Joining your Team

If you feel a health check was the start of the conversation and need help to embed a new direction, The Design Doctors can join your team. During this time we can draw on The Design Doctors’ network of great doers and thinkers from across the globe to support your team to improve your practices and strengthen your organisation's  direction.


Over the last three years, The Design Doctors has worked with organisations in the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil and India supporting over 400 people and running events in the Netherlands, the UK and Norway to develop the conversations about how design is changing.


The Design Doctors' egg-spertise has been used to answer design and innovation organisations' big questions, which has resulted in...

*Repositioning design and innovation organisations to tackle the challenges of established and emerging markets.

*Creating and implementing new service offers.

*Supporting teams to align on a new company direction, making change happen quicker and reducing resistance to change.

*Enabling multidisciplinary teams from across the business to build a shared vision of future processes.

*Reviewing and advising organisational conditions to support creative and entrepreneurial practices.

The Design Doctors’ Oath

  • We will fulfill according to our ability and judgment this oath: The teams we work with will be challenged, engage in fun activities and leave knowing their practices, purpose and core values better. We pledge to provide an independent view, and confidential and prescribed remedies for the good of every patients.


If you are interested in sharing your big questions, it will be great have a conversation. As we are located across the globe, drop us an email and we will arrange a time for a chat...

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