Entrepreneurial Team Spirit

Case Study

An International Design Agency in the Netherlands asked…

‘How can we develop an entrepreneurial spirit and improve our process?’

The Design Doctors delivered a  4-hour Health Check LITE programme to support the agency’s co-founder, creative directors, designers, programmers and interns to come together and…

Step 1: Align a collective group to understand why entrepreneurship is important within their business and to their clients.

Step 2: Uncover their current and future entrepreneurial journey through their design process, using creative prompts. The future design process should feel like being on a UFO (see image left), where it is quick to move and the team works in a flexible way where everyone has shared ownership.

Step 3: Reflect on the barriers and define areas to improve their process.

The outcome of this egg-sploration was:

1. Commitment across the agency to build their entrepreneurial practices.
2. Generation of new knowledge of how to use their resources more effectively.

We received the following egg-cellent feedback from the team:

“Sharing ideas of what is important.”
“Inspiring us to work together and reflect.”
“Stepping out of the routine.”
“New ways of looking at the agency.”
“Becoming more conscious of the process.”