New Purpose, New Confidence

Case Study

An innovation company in the UK asked us…

‘How do we communicate and engage with our clients?’

After 10 years of building innovation capacity across business and government, the company wanted to develop a new focus that would reflect their core purpose.

The Design Doctors became part of their team for one year to guide their company through a process …

Step 1 – WHY: Individuals and group conversations were facilitated to reflect on their journey and establish a new purpose.

Step 2 – WHOM: Group conversations explored who they wanted to be.

Step 3 – HOW: Supported the team to embed their why and who in practices with clients.

Step 4 – WHAT: Created the company’s brand, which conveyed why they do what they do – the new purpose and service.

The outcome of this egg-sploration was:

1. Everyone aligning on the new core purpose, which became the foundation to build a new direction for the innovation company.
2. The middle-level team being supported to embed the new purpose in their practices and communications, making change happen quicker, where change happens with them, not to them.
3. The company having the confidence to say what they company can and can’t do for customers, and customers valuing their new service.

We received the following egg-cellent feedback from middle management:

“Over the course of twelve months, The Design Doctors has worked very closely with all members of the team to enable them to grow and develop their brand story and ethos. The Design Doctors has used a number of different proven tools and techniques from industry and design thinking reference points, including the Golden Circle, Personas, Metaphors. These methods enabled the team to reflect on their journey so far and creatively envision a pathway forward, which was anchored on establishing their ‘Why’. Building upon their ‘Why’ – the team progressed into assessing their ‘Who’, which was facilitated by the use of personas. These personas enabled the company to envisage a personality to adopt in order to progress the positive changes forward.

The Design Doctors’ informal, yet relevant and effective, methods have enabled the entire company to develop a better understanding of who they work for and what the company provides as a service to the global innovation community. Reflecting further, the mid-level organisation has established a working culture and positive mind-set shift that has enabled them to progress in their roles in delivering innovation programmes that are anchored upon their new ‘Why’ and ‘Who’.

To conclude, The Design Doctors’ visual design work coupled with the deeper organisational cultural outcomes are a testament to a highly valuable and relevant twelve month assignment with the team.”