The Design Exchange


In The Design Exchange held on September 23rd 2013, we explored the middle ground between design and intrapreneurship in a church in the Netherlands. Why? To understand how better to help ideas come to life inside large organisations.  Hosted by Emma Jefferies and Carola Verschoor, Founder of groh! innovation, we had marvellous list of speakers, including:

Esther Beckers,  Senior Art Director at Philips Design on The journey to innovation that’s meaningful to people

Thomas Blekman,  author of the bestselling Corporate Effectuation and The Orchestration of Effectuation books on Corporate effectuation, guiding the paradigm shift

Thimon de Jong, Insights & Strategy Director at Trendsactive on The future of design and business

Bela Evers, Founder at the Cool Ideas Society [GaveDingenDoen] on Sharing ideas and empowering creativity

Martin Lloyd, International Marketing Communication Manager at Greenpeace International on Preparing for the unimaginable

Miguel Melgarejo, Design Researcher for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Design where you least expect it

Joshua Samson, founder of Live & Learn on From count to sound

Frank Wind, partner at Zero Gravity Movement on New thinking in sustainable farming

The day saw a lot of interaction, fun and exchange! We shared our love for design, meaningful business and entrepreneurial passion. For more information, check out the review of the day at – From Design Exchange to Design Implementation.